February News

February 4, 2024

Geotech Study is complete! WSI now knows that the existing soil where the skatepark will be built needs to be reinforced before building can begin. This will give a stronger foundation, a longer lasting structure in the long run! This preparatory work will get done after the grounds are free of diseased trees, etc., probably taking place this year... but we will keep you posted!

This will add to the cost of the park, so please continue to support the new park - if you haven't yet; buy a paver! Get a t-shirt, magnets, beanie, or just make a donation on our home page directly to CFOS, our nonprofit org that is handling all of the donations.
We will be holding an art auction event later this spring, we'll be at the Warwick Farmers Market late summer into fall, and maybe we can organize a community picnic this summer! Volunteers always welcome - just email us at warwickskatepark@gmail.com!

Stay tuned here on our website for all developments!

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February 4, 2024

Help us break new ground

We need your help to turn this initiative into a reality.  We are in the home stretch, help us raise enough funds to break ground in 2023.