the initiative

Warwick Skatepark Initiative is an advocacy group formed to build a new, state-of-the-art public skatepark in Veterans Memorial Park in Warwick, NY. The new site, adjacent to Albert Wisner Public Library, is approved by the Village of Warwick. The new concrete park will offer skateboarders, scooters, and bikers a more exciting, challenging, and updated facility, providing our community with an outdoor activity experience that is not just updated and improved, but Olympic ready!

Our Team

Meet the all volunteer team leading the way to get the skatepark built
Donna Kaminski
WSI Team
youth and community support, WSI secretary, current acting interim president, formerly with Project Knomad
Steve Wanczowski
WSI Team
VP, advisory, avid skateboarder, supporter, and Game of Skate photographer
Bill Lindberg
WSI Team 2nd VP, youth sports advocate, community supporter, and Warwick Village Board Trustee
Judy Lindberg
WSI Team Treasurer and youth and community support
Mary Collura
WSI Team graphics, advisory, youth and community supporter
Lynn Ruvulo
WSI Team advisory member, Newsletter creator, youth and community support
Pat Tyler
WSI Team advisory member (formerly WSI president), youth and community support
Our Volunteers
WSI Team Volunteers:
Mayer Family, Polsky Family, Assiante Family, Maxwell Family, Loretta Breedvelt, Adam Emmerich, Beth Nagel, Beth Glass, Chrissy Barbar, and Courtney Schweiger

Why Skateboarding?

“Skateboarding has been proven to improve mental health, foster community, and encourage diversity.”
-USC’s Pullias Center for High Education

Help us keep up the momentum

Let's break ground and build something great for our community