Exciting News - July Newsletter

July 3, 2023

WSI will be recieving a grant that will put the new skatepark on the build schedule for next year! We will know in about a month what WSI will receive and when the building will begin!!!

WSI will still be doing some fundraising this year so we have more than enough funds to build a terrific park and be sure we have all the features that will make it amazing! Stay tuned to WSI Instagram and Facebook, and check our website, to stay informed and be part of the process and especially part of the fun!

Now's the time to get your paver! Head to our website home page and click on 'Purchase A Paver' and order your paver now!

If you are interested in buying a WSI T-shirt, just email us at warwickskatpark@gmail.com and we will make that happen! Shirts are only $20! We have sticker and magnets for only $5! We will be getting more beanies soon ($15).

WSI will be at Warwick Farmers Market one Sunday in August, September, and October... stay tuned!

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July 3, 2023

Help us break new ground

We need your help to turn this initiative into a reality.  We are in the home stretch, help us raise enough funds to break ground in 2023.